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Welcome to the EEFDG Team page.  The Team Manager is Colleen Taylor.  If you are a member there are plenty of exciting opportunities for Seniors and Juniors to get involved and you don’t have to ride, non riding helpers are also invited.

We are part of Area 8 which comprises other British Riding Clubs in the Essex area (see web site for further info).  These Areas have inter regional competitions and those qualifying go on to represent their club and area at the National finals.

Dressage is our main theme and there are both Winter and Summer qualifiers that we like to put teams forward for.   These are primarily at Preliminary and Novice levels for Riding Club (there are restrictions on the number of BD points allowed but we can help you see if you are eligible).

Also there is the annual dressage to music qualifier and a chance to have a go at qualifying to ride at Windsor.  Plus, although we are mainly known for our dressage, we have had teams and individuals at show jumping and hunter trial events.

If you would like to be considered for any team event please get in touch with us (see contacts page for links details). We have a large membership and whilst we go to shows to see how you are all getting on it is impossible for us to be everywhere and contact everyone.  So please if you are interested in representing EEFDG then take the plunge – you are not alone there is a great team spirit within the club and plenty of people to help (if you need it, we know nerves do funny things!).

We have produced a guide to representing EEFDG so that everyone understands what is expected of them.  This guide tells you what we do, what you do and how to get involved.  The dates of course differ year to year but keep an eye on the calendar for the qualifying dates and PLEASE if you do represent us make sure you can go to the final if you get through.

Please note: No horse and rider may represent more than one affiliated club in official competitions during the official competition year.  All dressage competitions are entered by the Team Manager only.

Team update

We had a rocky start to the year with many of the qualifiers being scheduled and then cancelled. I would like to thank all the team members for the patients throughout this period and their commitment to carry on  with the qualifiers online. Well done to  all those that participated and especially to those that managed to get to the championship and got placed.  Winter championships placings included 6th Place for  Hannah Leusley, 3rd place  for Lydia Murphy and 2nd places to both Ruth Chandler and Bethan Young.

We then moved onto  the Sumer Dressage Qualifiers at Horse Heath, great turnout for EEFDG, it was a scorcher of a day with lots getting sunburn. Well done everyone that took part we had some great results with two of the teams finishing second, both a senior and a junior team with some fabulous individual placings, Jill Penn, Hannah Leusley, and Rocky Leary 1st place, Amy Adamthwaite and Dakota Sladdin 2nd place, Sammy Obrien and Mandy Leusley 3rd place, Bethan young, Rachel Staples & Sammy Obrien,  4th  place,  Amy Adamthwaite & Jill Penn 5th place and Nicky Chalkley and Claire Conway 6th place. Great team spirt and everyone  was pleased to  back in the team environment.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much interest in the Music classes this year, so why not think about your music classes ready for 2022 music qualifier in May.

Again, we didn’t enter much jumping/Eventing this year due to lack of  number for the teams, please encourage your friends to join if interested and let me know if your interested and hopefully we will enter for  2022.

Finally, the winter dressage and combined  training at Brook farm in October, well done  Laura for the well run show! This is the  one show  that EEFDG has to organise as a qualifier and you all did fab at supporting this, thanks  to  all the member that helped as well as those that competed.

Again, we had some fabulous results with the senior teams just  missing out on qualifying with a 2nd & 3rd place, great effort. Lots of individual placings with Kacey salter, Dakota Sladdin, Anette Scott, Bethan Young & Hayley Liddiard all getting 1st place and qualifying for Championships. Extra well done to Kacey salter & Anette Scott for winning both their classes. Dakota and  Gemma Pye also gained 2nd place, Claire Conway 3rd place and  Samantha Luxton and Amy Adamthwaite 4th place.  We wish them lots of Luck in the championship next spring.

We finished  the year with four members having a go at the Christmas Cracker and what a fab job they did, Kacey salter won both of her classes again (what a great partnership this  pair are!)  Lucy Ann Philips finished 2nd, Gemma Pye a 6th place, unfortunately Claire Conway didn’t get placed but the team managed an awesome 7th Place out of 40 teams. Great way to finish the year.

Well done EEFDG!!

RC Team Eventer Challenge at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials 2019

Alyson Parker on Pebbly Grand Affair (Bertie)

On Thursday 19th September 2019 we sent a team to the RC Team Eventer Challenge at Blenheim Palace to compete in the 90cm class. This competition is very popular (it is a race in May to get the entry in) and teams compete from all over the country, Our team was:

Alyson Parker on Pebbly Grand Affair (Bertie)
Sally Corrigan on Milchem Mockingjay (Stick)
Julie Horton on Topwood Merlin (Merlin)
Ruth Chandler on Shaolin (Nelson)

The challenge takes place in a ring right next to the main shopping area of Blenheim and once again this year we were blessed with perfect weather. We all arrived at around 10.30 which gave us time to do a bit of shopping before the course walk – essential with a twisty course over 17 fences – the first 8 fences were show jumps followed by 8 cross country fences and a show jump to finish which often catches the more forward horses out. There was an optimum time based on 375meters per minute and the best three scores counted.

After we had collected our goody bags from the secretary (sponsored by D&H) with a nice plaque, some feed samples, a feed mixer and a little furry horse toy thing, we went back to the lorry park to share our picnic. At this point Laura and Mandy arrived and also Hannah who is Bertie’s owner with her toddler Theo.

It was soon time to get the horses ready, the parking steward had allowed us minimal space so the extra pairs of hands were appreciated holding horses etc, and once on board we made our way over to the tack check and then warm up area. The competition runs very efficiently with all team members riding one after the other and after a few warm up fences we were ready to go in. I rode first and Bertie was super, if a little keen (he loves this type of thing) and we were clear and then Sally and Julie were clear too (Sallys new braking system proving very successful) and Ruth just had an unlucky pole at fence 2. So the team finished as one of just a few zero penalty scores and in a good time, but sadly a bit too good as two other teams finished on zero but slower so they were nearer the optimum time.

Only the winning team and winning style rider attend the prize giving mounted so we went in on foot in our smart EEFDG baselayers and received our team 3rd place rosettes from the Dodson & Horrell rep. All of our team got good style marks and if that had been a team prize we would have won it. Maybe we’ll suggest that for next year.

It was a long day and it was 6pm when we were loading up and saying goodbye to Laura, Mandy, Hannah and a fast asleep Theo, and heading off home in the evening sunshine. Thank you to Lyn for her much needed help and to the club and everyone for making it a fun day. Here’s looking forward to next year! AP.

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