Winter Points Winners

Above Lydia Murphy on Pheobe. Photo credit SMR Photos

Holly  Nelmes-Faint on Maestro and Abi Jackson on Jazz - copyright SMR Photos

Above Holly Nelmes Faint on Maestro. Photo credit SMR Photos

Coleen Taylor on Colrouge Frost - copyright SMR Photos

Above Colleen Taylor on Colrouge Frost. Photo credit SMR Photos

Congratulations to EEFDG Winter Points Winners.

Our winter league runs from September to April every year and offers riders the opportunity to compete regularly throughout the dark winter months when it often isn’t easy to be motivated to get out and ride. All competitors score points for their performance and as we all know, points mean prizes! These lucky winners have all collected trophies in recognition of their achievements and our points winners this year include

Lydia Murphy on her lovely little mare Phoebe. They won the Intro classes 1 and 2 for the junior members scoring 29 points and 38 points respectively. Mandy Luesley on Kaleigh won the senior Prelim class3 scoring 29 points and Holly Nelmes Faint on Maestro scored 39 points, winning the junior Prelim. Teresa Langley and Toyboy had a great season and won class 5, Novice with 29 points. Colleen Taylor and Colrouge Frost, another great partnership won class 6 at Novice with 30 points and Music Freestyle with 38 points. Annette Scott and Dutch Clogs Vicaro won both Elementary classes with 40 and 29 points respectively, and Hannah Luesley on the lovely Caramac won the junior Elementary classes with 30 points overall

Congratulations everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the summer league starting on Wednesday 16th May