Summer Championships

Above Hannah Luesley on Caramac

Alicia Waldersee - Xairiel - copyright SMR Photos

Alicia Waldersee – Xairiel

Alison Parker - Majestic Gold - copyright SMR Photos

Alison Parker – Majestic Gold

Lilly Spate - Faith La Valentina - copyright SMR Photos

Lilly Spate – Faith La Valentina

Lilly Spate - Lovely Bay Lady - copyright SMR Photos

Lilly Spate – Lovely Bay Lad

Veronika Biedai - Pettie - copyright SMR Photos

Veronika Biedai – Pettie

Zak Layton-Elliott- Riacho - copyright SMR Photos

Zak Layton-Elliott- Riacho

The 2017 summer championship show was held on Sunday 10th September at Woodlands. Junior member Lilly Spate won the Lambert Intro Junior cup on her mare, Lovely Bay Lady. Lilly also won the junior Prelim class on Faith La Valentina scoring 63.6%. Junior member Hannah Luesly on Caramac was junior Novice champ with a score of 65.2% and Zak Layton Elliot won the junior PYO class with a good score of 63.9%

For the senior classes, Jane Goodyche won the Intro Summer Championship Cup onĀ  Barney Bucket. Their score was 67%. Alyson Parker won the Prelim class with Majestic Gold, scoring 61.7% and Veronika Bedai and Pettie won the Novice class. Alicia Waldersee and Xariel won the PYO class scoring 64.6%


We would like to congratulate all our winners and extend our thanks to our sponsors for this event: Rideout Equine Massage, Crown Corner, Bedsoft & Haysoft and Animal Ltd.


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