Junior Champions!

Back in October, Kacey Salter and Jessica Baldock entered the Novice Winter dressage qualifiers and the Intermediate Winter dressage qualifiers where they both WON their classes and qualified for the Championships.

They headed off to Arena UK on the 2nd April. Both riders did absolutely amazing and really tried their best. Jessica WON the prelim class and came 2nd in the Intro class with Johny V.  What stars they are!

Kacey and Paddy came 6th in both the prelim warm up class and in the intro. Unfortunately there was some confusion with the judge during the test resulting in her waving her arms around. Paddy would just not settle after this.

Both girls then headed off to Onley on the 23rd April for their first ever Intermediate Championships:)

The awesome foursome did fantastic in big classes of 28 riders. Kacey and Paddy came 7th in the Prelim 18, with just 1.5% separating the top 8 riders! Jessica and Johny V came 16th in the Prelim 14.

Such achievement just to qualify for these Championships, let alone place at them! Well done Kacey and Jessica